Hamilton Pocket Watch

Dial (1/3)

  • Hamilton 16s. Rare Fancy Dial 21 Jewels 992 B. O. C. Case Restored Very Nice
  • Hamilton 993 21j Adjusted 5 Position Double Roller Pocket Watch Movement & Dial
  • Hamilton 992 Elinvar Railway Special Dial 21 Jewel 16s(1938) Near Mint Condition
  • Exquisite Hamilton 992 Railroad Pocket Watch Withexceedingly Rare Dial Serviced
  • Hamilton 16s 21 Jewel 992 Railroad Pocket Watch Runs & Nice Case And Dial
  • Nice Vintage Hamilton Thino-matic Automatic Wristwatch With Date & Two Tone Dial
  • Ball Hamilton B Of Lf Rare Brotherhood Color Logo Dial 18 Size 17j Pocket Watch
  • Hamilton 23j 950b Original Case, Original Dial & Hands
  • Vintage Hamilton Rodney Wrist Watch Military Dial Keeping Time
  • Hamilton Adjusted For Railroad Service 16 Size Rare Pocket Watch Dial
  • 14k Gold 1924 Hamilton 21 Jewel 992 Railroad Grade Pocket Watch Montgomery Dial
  • Ball-hamilton Railroad Pocket Watch With Rare Numerical Dial
  • Hamilton 992b 16s 21jewel Railroad Watch Montgomery Dial 1940s Near Mint Withfob
  • Ball! 16s Original Ball Hamilton Enamel Dial
  • Hamilton 917 Wrist Watch Conversion Pocket Watch 4992b Stile Dial Stainless
  • Vintage Hamilton 982 14k Solid Gold Diamond Dial Wristwatch
  • Hamilton 917 Pocket Watch Conversion Military Dial
  • Hamilton 992b 16s 21jewel Railroad Pocketwatch Curly4 Montgomery Dial Near Mint